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Cloud Compare enables you to easily compare and match pricing across leading cloud providers in seconds.

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Public cloud providers do not make it easy to compare the cost of their services side-by-side or to identify the precise bill of materials you need to purchase when migrating your existing infrastructure to the cloud. It can be costly, complex and expensive to analyse your current workloads across providers and to identify which machines need to be purchased from each provider and how prices compare. 

Cloud Compare takes the pain of analysis away by enabling you to compare IaaS pricing for leading cloud providers side-by-side using your existing workloads to generate detailed bill of materials to migrate your services.

Why not let our rich AI-matching algorithm calculate the pricing and services for you in seconds. 

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See more detailed information on providers and locations we support here.

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Cloud Compare Features & Benefits

Infinite cloud comparison analyses

Infinite analyses

Run as many different cloud scenarios as you like

Easy to use cloud comparison software

Easy to use

So easy to use interface that requires no technical know-how

Manage cloud provider costs

Manage your costs

Manage your costs as you go through our easy data-loader

Reduce cloud migration project time and cost

Slash analysis time

Slash the time and cost for your cloud migration project

Reduce risk and complexity of cloud migration

Reduce complexity

Reduce risk and complexity of analysis easily.

Very latest public cloud provider pricing information

The latest pricing

Ensure the very latest pricing from each provider is used

Full responsive cloud comparison web application

Fully responsive

Responsive app can be used on any platform or device

Cloud Compare application is available 24x7 globally.

Available 24x7

Available 24x7x365 to share with global teams and partners

Find out more about how the service works here.

Fully responsive 

Cloud Compare is a fully responsive application and will work on any internet enabled desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Cloud Compare fully responsive app available on any device

Operates on any platform

Cloud Compare works on any operating system including Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, IoS and Android phones. 

Cloud Compare supports Windows, Android, IOS, OSX